Friday, June 11, 2010

Flying the friendly skies on Fletcher Airlines

Daddy has been wanting to take a family trip in the new plane for a while. So far our longest trip has been to an airport restaurant in northern California to eat hamburgers or to a McDonalds to get a milkshake - these flights have been about 20 minutes in length. Mom and Dad are looking forward to the day when we can fly down to San Diego, but that will be a while yet.

As a test for a longer flight, mom and dad decided we would try to fly to Monterey, CA for the day on Memorial Day (about a 30 minute flight) to visit the aquarium and, in general, just have a fun family outing.
Joshie and I did wonderfully on the way down to Monterey. We were happy and content and we loved playing with the headphones and frequently shouted into the mouthpieces to hear ourselves and to startle mom and dad. Luckily for daddy, he can silence everyone's noise to his ears, but not to mommy's. Argh! Everyone had a good trip down and we were excited to land and visit the aquarium.
The trip back in the airplane was a little more eventful as Joshie was really tired and we were ready to get home.
Overall, it was a great fun trip, but this flight CLEARLY pointed out two things to mom and dad. We ARE NOT ready for a longer flight and the next time we go for a flight of this duration, it might be better to have one of us sit in the front seat instead of next to each other. Do you get what I am trying to say? Ha, Ha.

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Anonymous said...

They have grown so much since you were here! Thanks for the update and please say hello to everyone and keep both blogs coming please. I enjoy them as I am sure others do too.