Friday, June 11, 2010

Flying the friendly skies on Fletcher Airlines

Daddy has been wanting to take a family trip in the new plane for a while. So far our longest trip has been to an airport restaurant in northern California to eat hamburgers or to a McDonalds to get a milkshake - these flights have been about 20 minutes in length. Mom and Dad are looking forward to the day when we can fly down to San Diego, but that will be a while yet.

As a test for a longer flight, mom and dad decided we would try to fly to Monterey, CA for the day on Memorial Day (about a 30 minute flight) to visit the aquarium and, in general, just have a fun family outing.
Joshie and I did wonderfully on the way down to Monterey. We were happy and content and we loved playing with the headphones and frequently shouted into the mouthpieces to hear ourselves and to startle mom and dad. Luckily for daddy, he can silence everyone's noise to his ears, but not to mommy's. Argh! Everyone had a good trip down and we were excited to land and visit the aquarium.
The trip back in the airplane was a little more eventful as Joshie was really tired and we were ready to get home.
Overall, it was a great fun trip, but this flight CLEARLY pointed out two things to mom and dad. We ARE NOT ready for a longer flight and the next time we go for a flight of this duration, it might be better to have one of us sit in the front seat instead of next to each other. Do you get what I am trying to say? Ha, Ha.

A day at the park

We all visited one of our favorite parks about a month ago. It is the Emerald Glen Park in Dublin. They have some really cool slides there and Joshie and I love to climb all over the rocks much to mommy and daddy's concern. Here are a few pics of all of us at the park. We are getting so big and want to do EVERYTHING there is to do wherever we go.

Go Giants!

Daddy and I did something very special together in May. He took me to my first major league baseball game to see the San Francisco Giants! We had a great time and daddy said I did a great job as I actually stayed in my seat and we watched 3 whole innings of the game. Daddy was in heaven as he was anticipating he would actually only get to see about 1/2 of an inning. I think we walked over every inch of the entire stadium and we had lots of great things to eat, including ice cream! So much fun. I even got some little SF black-out stickers to go under my eyes and daddy treated me to a new SF Giants baseball cap of my very own (and just like his). We had a teriffic time - Thanks Daddy - I love you.
When mommy asked what my favorite part of the day was I replied "well, the ice cream". Of course, what else could it be?
Enjoy the pics of our day!

Best Buddies

Okay, mommy has been very deficient in keeping up with our blog for a few months now. She goes on and on about how busy she has been with school and running etc. Does she not realize that she does not get to have her own life - it is supposed to be ALL about the little men in her life? Just kidding - we like her SO MUCH MORE when she has been running as the old girl just seems to be happier and more agreeable to our wishes:)!
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I LOVE my little brother. He is the big daddy BOMB as I am concerned. I get along with him about 95% of the time lately, (except for those moments when I feel the need to give him a little push to see what happens, or when I decide to bounce something off his head) but overall I just love the little guy. Mommy says her heart melts when we tell each other that we love each other or when we hold hands between our car seats in the back of the car. I like to make sure he is safe and well taken care of. Joshie, in return, thinks that I am also the Big Daddy BOMB, as he wants to do whatever I do and likes whatever I like. Whenever I do something silly, he is the first to laugh hysterically at me! He is always right behind me trying to do what I do, even if he is too little. What is surprising is that he is generally able to keep up with me and if he can't do something I am always the best big brother and I will stop and help him (well, usually).
Here are a few silly pics of me and my best little buddy. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Atlanta Visit

A few weeks ago we packed up and headed to Georgia to see Grandma Anne and Grandpa Jack. We had so much fun. Mom and Dad said I was so well-behaved on the 5 hour plane ride both ways. Josh got antsy after about 2 hours on the way there but was also a perfect little man on the plane on the way home. Whew!

During our visit I got to play with my all my cousins and the most exciting part of the trip is that I got to sleep on an air mattress at the foot of mom and dad's bed at Grandma's house. I must say, and mommy would agree, that her little men actually exceeded her expectations as far as sleeping and traveling. Josh also did a great job sleeping in his own twin bed in a separate bedroom. We are growing up so fast!
We did all sorts of fun things including a drive downtown to the Georgia Dome to pick up mom's race bib, we visited the Georgia Aquarium, we went to Wacky World (a park in Alpharetta) as well as visiting the indoor playgrounds at Chick Fil A and McDonalds - woohoo. One night we met mom's friend Getra for dinner at a Ichiban, a Japanese restaurant where they cook your food in front of you. It was all so very exciting and we were sad to leave, but also glad to get back to our normal routines and school. We also got to see mom's friend Pippa and celebrate her first half-marathon with mom.
We love you grandma and grandpa, Aunt Julie and Uncle Bob, cousins Christina, Sydney, Eric, Wes, Jessica, Lauren, Anne and George. Hope to see you again soon!

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Fletcher Hospital ( U can check in but it might be a while before u check out!)

Everyone in the house has been sick (of course, except Daddy, as he has the immune system of a MACK truck). It all started with a cold which went back and forth between me and my brother and then mommy was finally struck down last week. She had to go down at some point. She says she remembers the exact moment when the viruses and colds entered her body - that is when little Josh decided to cough exactly at the moment when mommy was right in front of him speaking (i.e. with her mouth open)! Mom has become a bit of a germaphobe and she LOVES Purell and she said she considered washing her mouth out with it at that moment, but that would be going a little too far even for her. She finished her antibiotics yesterday and is well now.
Once we thought we were all getting better, it appears that I have yet another cold and cough and I have actually been having something like asthma attacks where I can't stop coughing and wheezing. Last night was the worst where I was coughing so hard that I was shaking and holding my chest. I coughed so hard that I now have broken blood vessels all around my eyes and on my face. Needless to say, we went back to the doctor again. Finally, we now have two kinds of inhalants from the doctor and I am now on my second course of antibiotics (I just finished that last course yesterday - I guess they didn't work). My ear infection is still hanging out as well.
Josh finished his antibiotics from his coughing issue and he had been on eye drops to wipe out an eye infection as well. Unfortunately, he now seems to have a new cold!! To make matters worse, yesterday he tried to "taste" a red ink pad at school and it dyed his chin and cheeks red. The teacher tried to clean it off and the rubbing has now caused his sensitive little skin to break out in a rash.
We are two poor looking little guys. Both hacking and coughing with colds and various signs of red ink and red patches on our faces. Mommy and Daddy took us out to eat at the mall today and mom was muttering something about someone reporting them to child protective services...what was up with that? Ha, ha.
Anyway, we are all hopefully on the mend. Here are a few pics of us from a happier and healthier time in the past (when I was two) and of Josh just recently (at about the same age) so you can see how much we do look alike. I think my hair was lighter and a little longer than Josh's and he looks a bit more like Daddy and I look more like my mom. What do you think? Can you tell which one is which?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's up Pussycat?

Josh thinks he is a kitty cat. No kidding. He walks around (or crawls around) on the floor and says "meow". Yes, most people would think this was really strange, but he is just so darn cute when he does this, you can't help but love him a little more. We are not sure when he decided to become a cat, but it just started one day. He pads around the kitchen and will rub against your legs as well.

In the mornings (early mornings - too early mom says) Josh wakes up and begins to "meow" softly in his bed and make other types of kitty cat noises. It is really cute, but mom says it would be even cuter if the noises would start closer to 7am instead of 6 am. Also, mommy said she would be REALLY excited if our kitty would learn to use the "litter box", if you know what I mean. Also, we must have an abnormal kitty as mom says that kitty cats like to sleep all the time - ours DOES NOT do this!
See the picture above of our new little kitty. The last picture is where Josh said he was a kitty and wanted to lay on the steps and be cuddled up with his blanket.
We love our Joshie.